Latest Stoves Improve Air Quality


Sensational articles in the national press with headlines such as “Wood fires face ban in pollution crackdown” are very misleading unless they are put into the context of what is actually happening in the stove industry right now.

‘Ecodesign’ is a new Europe-wide emissions regulation scheme for stoves and space heaters which is due to be introduced in 2022. Due to the strictness of new performance criteria embodied in the regulation, many stoves on the market will either disappear or will need to be completely re-designed to comply. However, we are delighted to report that Robeys are ahead of the curve and in the case of RAIS products, nearly all models already meet the ecodesign standard.

Eco-design ready RAIS VIVA 100 L CLASSICRAIS VIVA 100 L CLASSIC - one of the eco-design ready stoves from RAIS 

Ecodesign ready appliances have been shown to reduce the emission of particulate matter by a massive 90% when compared to an open fire and 80% when compared to a traditionally designed stove. They also show significant reductions in the emission levels of CO, NOx and Organic Gaseous Compounds (OGC’s).

Set against this background of rapidly improving stove design, a blanket ban on wood burning would make little sense and would also ignore the positive benefits of wood burning as a sustainable and potentially carbon-neutral way of heating.

Robeys are members of The Stove Industry Alliance (SIA) which represents the main stove manufacturers in the UK and strongly supports the objective of improving air quality and having an appropriate policy in place to achieve this. The SIA have suggested to Government that in areas where air quality is a concern, new installations should comply with the Ecodesign requirements, and that the existing stock of open fires and older appliances should be replaced as quickly as possible with new Ecodesign compliant appliances such as those manufactured by RAIS.

The SIA also emphasise use of the correct fuel. Kiln dried or seasoned wood with a moisture content below 20% will generate improved efficiency of the appliance, giving better heat output and lower emissions.

Robeys are totally behind the efforts of the Stove Industry Alliance to improve air quality in the UK and our customers can rest assured that when they purchase a RAIS stove, it is future proof, environmentally friendly and already incorporates the most advanced combustion technology available.