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Based at the foot of the Dolomite Mountains close to the picturesque town of Asolo in Italy, Piazzetta have been manufacturing stylish fires since 1960.

Piazzetta’s astonishing product range reflects over fifty years of innovation and includes luxury glass fronted fireboxes, beautifully hand-finished wood stoves, panoramic central fireplaces and MCS approved pellet stoves. All products are robustly constructed with minute attention to detail.

The spectacular fireboxes incorporate silky-smooth sliding lift doors and use the exclusive “Aluker” fire bricks to optimise combustion whilst the breath-taking panoramic fires provide the ideal focal point for modern luxury spaces. The wood burning stoves, some electronically optimised, use primary, secondary and tertiary air systems to control combustion thus ensuring clean burn, high efficiency and long refuelling intervals. Most freestanding products are clad in hand-crafted majolica which as well as giving them a luxuriously refined appearance also acts as an effective thermal store.