Based at Frederikshavn in the North of Denmark, the RAIS company philosophy is best summed up by their slogan, “Art of Fire”. Widely acknowledged as the premier quality Danish stove manufacturer, RAIS products unite aesthetics with technology, form with function and design with craftsmanship. RAIS wood burning stoves give perfect combustion under all conditions using cleverly designed air control systems to deliver a perfect balance of primary, secondary and tertiary air even at very low burning rates.

The sleek and streamlined convector stoves and fireboxes feature elegant styling, door handles at a comfortable height, cool handles, single-lever air control, DEFRA exemption across the range and the option of direct external air supply.


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As something new, RAIS is inviting customers to participate in the design process.

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CleverAir? Simple, convenient and low-cost!

When a stove from RAIS is equipped with CleverAir, it is surprisingly easy and convenient to fire.

A precisely designed control system ensures that the fire automatically gets the perfect air supply at all times .This means that you can direct your attention elsewhere. Furthermore, the stove combustion is clean and efficient at all times. This is of benefit both to the environment and your finances because you get the maximum possible heat value from the firewood. Clean combustion keeps the glass clear so you can always enjoy a nice view of the flame. Behind the CleverAir name are a wealth of subtle technicalities but in short, a  bimetallic strip expands according to the temperature and adjusts the air flow.