Belt and Rope Furniture

Belt and Rope Furniture

The Borek Rope Furniture has two different types of ropes available:

Campania Rope/Belt

Campania acrylic Rope is developed exclusive for Borek. The acrylic Rope is in the outside and in the core colored through and through; this makes the Rope UV resistant and color fast. Borek Campania Rope is protected with an unique environmentally friendly coating. Borek Campania Rope is water resistant and mold resistant.

Ardenza Rope

The Ardenza Rope is made from a thermoplastic synthetic Rope. The outside of the Rope and the core of the Rope are colored through and through. The Rope is waterproof, UV resistant and mold resistant. The Borek Ardenza Rope is resistant to temperature variations from -40 to +80 degrees Celsius.