100 Range Cooker

The EVERHOT 100 has all the traditional style of a classic range cooker; its four cast iron doors provide a beautifully balanced centrepiece for any kitchen.  Behind the doors lie three ovens, on the left hand side roasting and casserole ovens, whilst behind the third lies a useful plate-warming oven.  The final door conceals all the controls necessary to run the cooker. The 100+ incorporates an additional cast iron simmer plate underneath its own lid. The warming oven on this model is behind the bottom right door.

Everhot produce the most economical heat storage cookers on the market (less than half the running costs of the main competitor). They also offer an unrivalled level of control with independent thermostatic settings for ovens and hot plates.

The best news is that there is no need for either a flue system or special electrical arrangements.

Other important features of Everhot cookers:-

-ECO function- a night time setback function which saves energy when the space heating from the cooker is not required.

-Large main oven at 56 litres capacity is 25% larger than main competitor.

-Easy electrical installation- one 13A socket for Plus models or two 13 A sockets for induction models (denoted by 'i').

- no loss in temperature when hot plate lids are lifted due to rapid thermostatic response.

- Choice of 13 delicious colours!

- NO annual maintenance or servicing required     

Background Heat
The EVERHOT is a heat storage range cooker that will provide gentle heat into your kitchen.

Flue free
Because it runs on electricity, the EVERHOT needs no flue. Again, this makes installation easy, and also reduces energy consumption.

Energy saving
With its unique, energy saving design, the EVERHOT has extremely low electricity requirements, so you can simply plug it into a 13amp socket just like an electric kettle. Many owners have praised its 'miserly consumption'.

Total control
Each oven and heating surface can be independently adjusted to the temperature you require. If a particular cooking area is not needed for long periods, you can switch it off or turn it down without affecting the other areas. The optional induction hob is incredibly efficient and having bought food to the boil incredibly quickly, is very simple to control at a simmer temperature. And on hot summer days, you don't have to roast in the kitchen. The ECO control is also available to provide enhanced economy and reduced heat output in hot weather.

The EVERHOT 100 contains a large radiant heat grill in the top oven, this can also be used to rapidly boost oven temperature. Other comparable ranges just don't provide grills.

With a little care and affection, the EVERHOT will perform trouble-free year after year, with no annual servicing requirement (unlike other ranges).

Environmentally friendly
Each and every EVERHOT is manufactured in Gloucestershire, using 95% UK components. Using sustainable water energy from the 13th Century water mill was the catalyst for the initial invention of the EVERHOT cooker. Today, the state of the art turbine produces up to 25kw of sustainable energy. Additionally, due to the EVERHOT being so energy efficient in it's running consumption it maintains its status as being a more environmentally friendly choice of cooker. You should consider your EVERHOT to be a lifetime purchase and indeed it will give many decades of use, but if you or a succeeding owner decide that you want to dispose of it we will remove it from your property free of charge and recycle it.


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    Fuel Type
    Electric – one 13 amp socket required.

    No regular servicing is required – a saving against other brands.

    Background Warmth
    When operated at our recommended working temperatures, the EVERHOT 100 will produce approximately 700W of heat.

    Energy Consumption
    The EVERHOT 100+ consumes approximately 100 units of power per week when using the recommended settings * (excluding induction hob usage). Further savings can be obtained by using the ECO function. 

    * Recommended temperatures are normal cooking temperatures with ECO enabled between 9pm and 5am.

    Please note that the EVH100i has the warming oven behind the bottom right hand door with the control box behind the door above it. These positions are reversed for the EVH100+

    Cooking Area

    Hot plate: W225, D355mm
    Simmer plate:  W175, D355mm
    Top oven W395, H290, D490mm
    Bottom oven: W395, H290, D470mm
    Warming oven: W290, H290, D550mm
    Additional simmer plate on EVH 100 Plus: W175, D355mm

    Temperature Control

    Hot plate: Maximum 350°C
    Simmer plate: Maximum 400°C
    Top oven Maximum 250°C
    Bottom oven: Maximum 180°C
    100 Plus additional simmer plate: Maximum 200°C


    ECO Control
    ECO ControlThis functionality is now available as standard on all EVERHOT cookers. It provides a type of 'sleep' facility which allows the range to be dropped to a low temperature that can be pre-determined.

    The ECO function can be entered manually through a button on the control box or can be controlled automatically via a simple timer function. We estimate the likely savings through regular overnight use to be around 15% of overall running costs.

    In addition, whist in ECO mode, the cooker has a maximum load requirement of 2KW, this facility will particularly appeal to customers who use sustainable energy systems - wind, water, photovoltaic, etc.



    Download the Everhot 100 Pre Installation Guide here.


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Everhot – 100 Range Cooker