Brunner – Wood Burning Corner Fireboxes

Wood Burning Corner Fireboxes

Brunner Architecture is a wood burning corner firebox, available in various sizes.

The corner format is recommended for a spectacular visual effect as it enables the full beauty of the log fire to be appreciated from any angle.

The Architecture corner fireplace pictured above belongs to the most exclusive Brunner product range with an exceptionally large glass door and architectural design.

Architecture fireplaces are fireplaces on a grand scale.

Elegantly timeless styling combined with the highest quality put the Architecture fires in a class of their own and ensure that they can be enjoyed for many years.         


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    38 / 86 / 36 Corner

    Rated Heat Output - 10kW

    45 / 67 / 44 Corner

    Rated Heat Output - 11kW

    45 / 82 / 45 Corner

    Rated Heat Output - 12kW

    45 / 101 / 40 Corner

    Rated Heat Output - 14.5kW

    53 / 121 / 50 Corner

    Rated Heat Output - 14.5kW

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Brunner – Wood Burning Corner Fireboxes

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