Miscellaneous Ash Tippy

Empty your ashpan at the grate with no dust, return your ashpan to the grate immediately after emptying and allow the ash to cool in the Tippy - no risk of setting your dustbin on fire.

The Tippy Hot Ash Carrier is a lightweight galvanised steel box with easy carrying handle, the ideal companion to any fireplace or solid fuel burner.
The Tippy solves the problem of carrying hot ash through the house to the dustbin, having allowed the ash to cool down in the Tippy. Users of solid fuel heating systems, be they either coal or wood, will understand the problems created by the routine of de-ashing the fire.

Dust clouds and smouldering holes in the carpet/vinyl will become a thing of the past when doing the Tippy becomes a safer, cleaner daily task.

Sizes are available to suit all stoves and fireplaces.

how the tippy works


Ash Tippy Sizes
 B cmH cmD cmPrice From
Boat Stove (Stock) 25 10 30 £50.50
Cooker 29 18 44 £55.00
BKY 29 18 57 £64.00
Open Fire / Standard (Stock) 36 10 29 £50.50
Room Heater 37 10 44 £53.50
Wide Open Fire 1 (Stock) 42 10 38 £53.50
Wide Open Fire 2 42 10 43 £55.00
Multi-Fuel 42 10 55 £61.00
Wide Open Fire 3 (Stock) 47 10 43 £59.50
EWOF 7 10 44 £64.00


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Price from: £50.50

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Miscellaneous – Ash Tippy

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