Brunner – Architecture Wood Burning Front Glass Fireboxes

Brunner Architecture Wood Burning Front Glass Fireboxes

Exclusive panel designs in landscape format.

Price Indication:-

38  /  86 Flat Front prices from £4843.20
45 / 101 Flat Front prices from £5158.80
53 / 121 Flat Front prices from £5646.00
53 / 135 Flat Front prices from £5812.80
53 / 166 Flat Front prices from £6427.80

  All prices include VAT @ 20%

Architecture fireplaces belong to the most exclusive product range with exceptionally large glass formats. These architectural designs represent a new understanding of the beauty and special ambience that can be created by a wood burner.


Architecture Fireplaces: Fireplaces on a grand scale

When a roaring log fire is a real eye- catcher then it is likely to be a BRUNNER Architecture- fireplace. Due to extremely large glass formats, these fireplaces offer the most striking view of the flames. Their spectacular size makes them most suitable for large rooms where they are able to create a very special atmosphere.

Alongside their strong visual impact, these fires also impress through state-of-the-art technology and proven BRUNNER quality. Clean combustion technology ensures that the glass is kept clear and the frameless panes close the chamber tightly. For the sake of simplicity, intrusive control elements have been deliberately eliminated from the design.

Architecture- fireplaces are the stars of the BRUNNER range. Elegantly timeless design combined with the highest quality put them in a class of their own and ensure that they can be enjoyed for many years.


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    38 / 86 Flat Front

    Rated Heat Output - 10kW

    45 / 101 Flat Front

    Rated Heat Output - 14kW

    53 / 121 Flat Front

    Rated Heat Output - 13.5kW

    53 / 135 Flat Front

    Rated Heat Output - 14.5kW

    53 / 166 Flat Front

    Rated Heat Output - 17kW


    38 / 86 Flat Front

    45 / 101 Flat Front

    53 / 121 Flat Front

    53 / 135 Flat Front

    53 / 166 Flat Front

Price from: £4843.20

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