Brunner – BSK 01 Corner Fireplace

Brunner BSK 01 Corner Fireplace

There is no easier and cheaper way of set­ting up a fireplace. The kit system con­sists of pre­cisely formed parts made of heat-­storing-­concrete and a fireplace insert which can be set up to a fire­place within only a few hours. How your fireplace will look in the end is still up to you: more modern, a concrete-­look or plas­tered and colour­fully painted. Even large-­scale ceramic parts and fire desks can be ad­justed very easily.


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    The Brunner Corner-­fireplace 57/52/52 is ideal for those who want to give a great atmosphere to small rooms. Due to its space-­saving design this fire­place will fit into any room and will fill your home with warmth, light and cosiness.

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Brunner – BSK 01 Corner Fireplace