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Borek Outdoor Caesarstone


    Caesarstone® tops are machined of stone. This composite rock is composed
    of 93% fine, natural occurring quartz grains and the remaining consists out
    of 7% polyester binder. With the addition of the desired colour pigment a
    homogeneous mixture is formed out of these two components. Through
    an advanced Compaction technology - a combination of vibration, vacuum
    and draw presses - a very Compact stone slab with a thickness of 13 mm is
    created. After calibration (= grinding to the correct thickness) and polishing, a
    sheet material, which is particularly suited for tabletops. Due to the influence
    of sunlight a natural fading of the coloured stone will occur.

    Maintenance advice: Caesarstone® tops are to be cleaned with Borek Multi
    Cleaner and Borek Caesarstone Colour Restorer which also protects the table
    from dirt and water and deepens the colour. Severe pollution can be removed
    by using a liquid abrasive.


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Borek Outdoor – Caesarstone