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Lacanche Range Cookers

Charlieu Classic

The Lacanche Range Cooker: Charlieu Classic is a French inspired, versatile and fully customisable range cooker.

About the Lacanche range cookers:

A foundry was established in the French village of Lacanche, deep in the Burgundian countryside over 200 years ago and range cookers have been manufactured there by hand ever since -both for the commercial and domestic markets. Apart from this extraordinary heritage, what makes Lacanche range cookers so different from other range cookers on the market is that they are still made to exacting standards entirely by hand and to order.

Advantages of the Lacanche range cookers:

  • Hand made to order

  • Three year warranty

  • Highest possible build quality

  • Gas or electric ovens and hobs

  • 27 different enamel colour finishes

  • Solid brass burner tops for greater flame efficiency

  • Once piece stainless hob with easy clean edges and generous spillage area

  • 2 piece burners for ease of cleaning

  • Powerful induction hob can bring 1 litre of water to boiling point in 2.5 minutes

  • Heavy duty cast iron pan supports for maximum stability

  • Oven intrerior coated with eight layers of tough enamel

  • Additional safety thermostat on electrical/convection oven

  • Choice of natural gas or LPG models

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    The Lacanche Chablis range cooker is a beautifully versatile addition for any kitchen. There are two 55 litre ovens plus an 84 litre simmer oven and a choice of 4 hob top designs.

    -Dimensions: Height - 900mm, Width - 1405mm, Depth - 650mm
    -A classic-style cooker with a powerful 5-burner gas hob
    -2 large 55L ovens
    -Choice of 4 hob designs to choose from
    -Available with gas or electric ovens

    hob options

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    Installation and Commissioning should be in accordance with the manufacturer's Installer's Manual and also current Gas Safe and IEE regulations. In order that installation and commissioning is carried out correctly you should use a suitable qualified and Gas Safe registered engineer. Your local Lacanche stockists can advise. The appropriate installation guidance for your cooker will be sent with the order acknowledgement.
    Note: COMMISSIONING IS CRUCIAL for the correct operation of your Lacanche. Failure to have your Lacanche commissioned correctly will result in over/under performance of burners and ovens and inconsistent temperatures.

    After ordering your Lacanche range cooker information will be sent to you detailing what services you will require to power the cooker.
    Electric feeds will be standard single phase 230 volt supply. On some larger models including many electric features, two such supplies may be required and this will be notified in the information sent to you after placing your order. On request, Lacanche range cookers can be built for three phase electricity.
    Information on the gas power/requirement of your cooker will be provided after your order has been placed. We offer the appropriate flexihose for the type of gas (LPG or Natural Gas), which is designed to plug into a female half inch / 15mm bayonet fitting on site (location to be advised in post order confirmation).
    When the appliance is being built in to a run of units, a gap of 50mm must be allowed both sides of the cooker unless the sides of the units adjacent to the cooker are covered with adequate thermal insulation. Otherwise the units must not butt up to the sides of the cooker. An infill strip can be used to conceal the gap, and flat worktops/cabinet surfaces can run up to the edge of the hob.
    Lacanche range cookers are designed to sit proud of adjacent units. Units and infill strips adjacent to the cooker should not sit flush or proud of the cooker doors (including oven, simmer oven and cupboard doors), but should sit flush with the main boy of the cooker.
    The stainless steel hob of the appliance should not be lower than adjoining worktops. These worktops can butt up to the hob.
    For cookers situated in confined spaces (e.g. inglenooks), with gas ovens, or with tiles rather than a backsplash on the back wall behind and above the cooker, we recommend installing a backstrip - see backstrips in Accessories. Alternatively a gap of 70mm should be left between the cooker and the wall to the rear. An infill strip (worktop) can be used to conceal the 70mm gap.
    Wall units that are placed to the left and right of the cooker must be at a minimum distance of 450mm above the hob tops on both sides. All cookers over 1 metre wide are designed to be mounted against a wall and are not intended as free standing island cookers.
    Any combustible materials must be a minimum of 850mm from the top of the cooker. Please note that it is advisable to have a wipe clean surface on the wall above the cooker, such as our stainless steel backsplashes.
    All Lacanche cookers are built with a plinth incorporated into the base of the cooker. The plinth allows for greater manoeuvrability when putting the cooker in its final position and also allows for the cooker to be levelled. The height is adjustable (900mm to 910mm). A tool for making adjustments is supplied. The plinths have a brushed stainless steel kick pate on the front. The cookers also have adjustable front feet.
    The above information is not exhaustive and we recommend that you check the relevant Installer's Manual. 


    Lacanche Anise Lacanche Anthracite Lacanche Black Lacanche Burgundy Lacanche Cherry Red Lacanche Chocolate Lacanche Dark Blue Lacanche Dark Olive Lacanche Delft Blue Lacanche English Cream Lacanche Frangipane Lacanche Graphite Lacanche Green Lacanche Ivory Lacanche Light Olive Lacanche Lime Green Lacanche Mandarin Lacanche Marron Glace Lacanche Mist Grey Lacanche Plum Lacanche Portuguese Blue Lacanche Provencal Yellow Lacanche Prussian Blue Lacanche Rose Quartz Lacanche Silice Lacanche Slate Grey Lacanche Stainless Steel Lacanche Teal Blue Lacanche Terracotta Lacanche White

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Lacanche Range Cookers – Charlieu Classic