Clean Air Strategy 2019

This Clean Air Strategy sets out the case for action and demonstrates this government’s determination to improve our air quality. In some cases the goals set are even more ambitious than EU requirements towards reducing people’s exposure to air pollutants.

The strategy is a key part of delivering the UK Government’s 25 Year Environment Plan. Open fires and wood-burning stoves have risen in popularity over recent years. They are now an additional form of heating, and in some cases the sole heat source for many households in both urban and rural areas.

Robeys are committed to reducing the impact of domestic burning and are leading suppliers of high quality heating appliances and ready to burn wood fuels. Rais stove are all EcoDesign ready ( except the 2:1 )

Not all forms of domestic burning are equally polluting and appliance design, how well it is used and maintained, and what fuels are burnt in it, all make a big difference to how much pollution is produced. Significant air quality benefits can be realised through a new efficient appliance as compared with an old stove or open fire.

The way in which we use our stoves can have a big impact on air quality and how long the chimney and stove will last. Robeys can help consumers get it right, ensuring that our clients get the most from their stoves by providing quality appliances and fuels together with advice on optimum operation. This can help save money and it is recommended that a chimney is swept twice a year.

There are simple steps that households can take to limit emissions both indoors and out. Using cleaner fuels, in a cleaner appliance which is installed by a competent person, knowing how to operate it efficiently, and ensuring that chimneys are regularly swept, will all make a big difference. Defra has developed simple guidance for all local authorities to share and can be seen at:

DEFRA Domestic Burning of Wood and Coal

Defra met with fuel industry representatives to discuss and identify ways to reduce emissions from wood fuel. This led to the wood fuel industry launching the ‘Ready to Burn’ scheme which aims to raise consumer awareness and educate wood-burning stove owners about the importance of burning clean, dry, quality logs to help reduce air pollution.

Woodsure’s ‘Ready to Burn’ scheme, backed by government, enables consumers to easily recognise which wood is dry, and ready to take home and burn, instead of wood which is wet and must be seasoned for up to 2 years prior to burning. This can reduce emissions by 50% and in some cases is better value for money.

The scheme sets a benchmark for logs and other wood fuels in the UK to help consumers to identify wood that has been carefully chosen and is ‘Ready to Burn’ for the benefit of their appliance and the environment. The initiative is being led by Woodsure, the UK’s only wood fuel quality assurance scheme, and supported by Defra.

Suppliers signing up to the scheme provide a guarantee that the fuel they sell as ‘Ready to Burn’ has a moisture content of 20% or less, meaning that it can be burned without the need for further drying out.

The Stove Industry Alliance has introduced its Ecodesign Ready brand ahead of the implementation of the ecodesign provisions due to be introduced in 2022. This shows consumers which stoves are already compliant with the key components of the new legislation and therefore can have up to 90% lower emissions than an open fire or old stove.

HETAS, Woodsure and The Stove Industry Alliance have all been consulting with Defra for some time now and once again Defra has clarified they are not looking to ban stoves.

The publication of the Defra Clean Air Strategy confirms that Ecodesign stoves will play a central role in the government’s plan to reduce emissions from domestic combustion and commends the SIA for releasing the stoves ahead of the 2022 target date.


Wood burning stoves produce much less smoke than open fires. If you are thinking of buying a stove, then consider purchasing one that has been approved for use in smoke control areas by Defra, or an Ecodesign Ready stove.

These have been tested to high standards to demonstrate low smoke emissions.

Stoves which have not undergone these tests do not carry this assurance.

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