Clearview Pioneer Baffle Plate 120146

Baffle plates are an essential part of a Clearview woodburning stove helping to reduce loss of heat up the chimney and prevent heat damaging the stove body.

All Clearview baffles are made with heavy duty 5mm thick mild steel.

To replace the baffle plate in a Clearview stove first lift up the existing plate within the stove and then remove the left or right hand firebrick allowing you to drop the baffle plate and take out of the front of the stove. Replace the new baffle in the same way ensuring the sticker on the baffle which says front is at the front of the stove. Once the baffle is in the correct position the lip will overlap the rear firebrick and fit snugly against the top of the left and right firebrick.


Weight 4.5kg


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Clearview – Clearview Pioneer Baffle Plate     120146

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