Piazzetta Superior

Piazzetta Superior Cleo Wood Pellet Burning Stove

SUPERIOR offers a wide range of wood pellet burning stoves to heat your home. Experience the warmth, your way by choosing the style, size, materials and colors that best suit your style. The use of renewable energy such as wood pellets will save money without sacrificing the comfort of a pleasant warmth.


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    Dimensions (WxDxH) cm: 45.5 x 43 x 96
    Internal body: Steel
    Baffle / Firebox and Burner: Cast iron
    Flue outlet: 8cm diameter
    Flue outlet, (standard): Right rear
    Optional flue outlet ( with kit ): Right or left
    Ash pan: Removable
    Door opening: Cast cold handgrip
    Ceramic glass: Resistant to 750 ° C
    Handle: Painted steel
    Hopper capacity (approx.): 10.5 kg
    Remote Control: Optional
    Humidifier: Optional
    Control Panel on the stove: Digital control
    Programmable thermostat: Daily, weekly and weekend
    SMS control module: Optional
    Heating capacity (min-max) m3: 100 to 175
    Heating output (min-max) kW: 2.6 to 6.0
    Power Adjustment (positions): 4
    Thermal efficiency (max.): 89.1%
    Nominal consumption (min-max) kg / h: 0.6 to 1.4
    Maximum input power: 90 Watts
    Maximum power consumption: 370 Watts
    Weight: 90kg


    Colour Options: cleo colours

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Piazzetta Superior – Cleo Wood Pellet Burning Stove