Rais – Convection Grille

Rais Convection Grille

The solution consists of a build in box and a decoration grill.

The build in box is a brick height and is easily installed. The decorative grate can easily be hooked on after mounting. An elegant solution.

Available in Black or White, with Grooves or with Holes.

Price from:-
£94.00 Inc VAT
£78.33 Ex VAT

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    900 Convection Grille

    1002 x 91mm. Free Air 320cm2

    500/1 Convection Grille

    764 x 91mm. Free Air 230cm2

    500/3 Convection Grille

    764 x 91mm. Free Air 190cm2

    700 Convection Grille

    864 x 91mm. Free Air 280cm2

    2:1 Convection Grille

    746 x 91mm. Free Air 235cm2

    Q-Bic Convection Grille

    287 x 91mm. Free Air 90cm2

    Q-Tee Insert Convection Grille

    489 x 91mm. Free Air 160 / 147cm2

Price from: £94.00

Rais – Convection Grille
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