RAIS – Convection Grill

Convection Grill

The RAIS Convection Grill is an aeration solution consisting of a built in box and a decoration grill.  RAIS Convection grates are available for all the RAIS stove insets in the range and are available in a number of different designs to suit your interior design. 

The built in box is a single brick height and is easily installed. The decorative grate can be hooked on after mounting making for a practical and elegant solution. Simply select how large you want the convection grate to be and which finish.

Available in Black or White, with grooves or with holes.

Price from:-
£121.00 Inc VAT
£ 100.83 Ex VAT


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    900 Convection Grille

    1002 x 91mm. Free Air 320cm2

    500/1 Convection Grille

    764 x 91mm. Free Air 230cm2

    500/3 Convection Grille

    614 x 91mm. Free Air 190cm2

    700 Convection Grille

    864 x 91mm. Free Air 280cm2

    2:1 Convection Grille

    746 x 91mm. Free Air 235cm2

    Q-Bic Convection Grille

    287 x 91mm. Free Air 90cm2

    Q-Tee Insert Convection Grille

    489 x 91mm. Free Air 160 / 147cm2

Price from: £121.00

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RAIS – Convection Grill
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