Outsign Cookout Technical Details

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    The picture, above, shows the various zones of heating / cooking on the plancha cooking surface. The central zone for sealing and the outer areas for gentle cooking.

    The cooking surface is approximately 52cm in diameter. The maximum temperature is approximately 300 degree C.

    outsign burner details

    The star shaped burner is covered by the cooking grid or the plancha and the dishwasher safe grease traps fit in between the burner arms.

    grid and plancha

    The unit has a low centre of gravity, which means that it is hard to tip over ( an angle of greater than 20 degrees is required).

    outsign at angle


    The unit weighs approximately 80kg including the cooking grid / plancha.

    The outer body always stays cool thanks to the double skin of the panels. The gas bottle is hidden in the body, so there are no visible hoses or tubes.

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Outsign – Cookout Technical Details