E929 T Wood Burning Stove

On this version of the E929, the upper section of the cladding flares gently outwards to create a unique tulip shape.

BCS version available with electronic flame control. HSS - Heat Storage System available as optional kit.



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    Natural diffusion heating
    Heat transfer through radiation, conduction and natural convection

    Multifuoco System Plus
    Optional forced-ventilation kit featuring 4 power levels with electronic control and LCD remote control. Air ductable up to 10 m

    Heating with Multifuoco System®
    Optional forced-ventilation kit featuring 4 power levels with remote control.
    Air ductable up to 10 m

    Heat Storage System
    Storage system capable of prolonging the pleasant sensation of heat
    even after the stove has been switched off

    Tertiary air system
    To optimise combustion, improve performance and reduce emissions into the atmosphere

    Hermetic insert with steel door and cast iron brazier, Aluker firebox

    Majolica cladding
    Large-size handmade pieces

    Air Glass System
    Self-cleaning ventilated ceramic glass resistant to 750°C

    Easy Cleaning
    Maximum ease of maintenance, removable ash tray




    Room heating capacity (min-max) m3 130-225
    Maximum heat output kW 9,3
    Nominal thermal efficiency % 83,7
    Rated heat output kW 7,8
    Consumption at rated heat output Kg/h 2,2
    Dimensions WxDxH cm 58 x 58 x 153
    Hermetic Firebox steel
    Heat Storage System Kg 144


    All dimensions in cm.


    Ardesia Bianco Giallo Acceso Grigio Cerato Nero Opaco Rosso Lava

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