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Ferragudo Collection 2018

Borek outdoor furniture launched the Ferragudo collection in 2018. This beautiful seating provides the ultimate comfort for you to enjoy the sunny days in your gerden or patio area.

This lounge chairs are light and airy and will create a sense of space and simplicity in any area. The modern design make them a real practical addition to your outdoor space. Each item is weather resistant.

2018 Borek belt Ferragudo lounge chair


Borek outdoor furniture 2018 -  belt Ferragudo sofa

146 wide x 75 deep x 79cm High


Borek outdoor furniture 2018 - belt Ferragudo lounge chair

74.5 wide x 75 deep x 78cm High


Borek outdoor furniture 2018 -  Ardenza belt Ferragudo chair

62.5 wide x 66 deep x 98cm High

Ferragudo detail



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