Fireplaces Chimneys and Stoves by Michael Waumsley

Fireplaces, Chimneys and Stoves provides essential information for anyone who is considering re-opening a chimney, or who has chimney problems or who wishes to make an informed decision about the selection and installation of a new fireplace or stove.


Topics covered: Safety, the need for correct ventilation and the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning Using electricity, gas, oil, wood or solid fuels Closed and open appliances, inset and freestanding installations, and making the correct choice Chimney design, regulations, standards and choosing the 'right' chimney The refurbishment and repair of flues, bedding-in chimney post and re-pointing chimney stacks Surveying, testing and commissioning chimneys and their subsequent care and maintenance

Michael Waumsley started work as a design apprentice with a leading solid-fuel appliance manufacturer and in 1982 joined the Solid Fuel Advisory Service. In 1989 he moved to British Coal and became National Technical Manager. Michael holds a MBA and runs his own consultancy company providing authoritative technical services.


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Miscellaneous – Fireplaces Chimneys and Stoves by Michael Waumsley