Piazzetta HT600 Wood Burning Firebox

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A typical installation, a firebox with optional surround (for illustration purposes only).


A complete range to satisfy all requirements. A perfect combination of Aluker®, cast iron and heavy gauge steel. The HT fireboxes offer high efficiency, excellent performance and durability. RISE N'FALL DOOR Practical, safe and precise. The rise n'fall door on HT firebox is mounted on track guides and closes in a slightly recessed position (just a few millimetres) so that it adheres perfectly to the gasket and truly seals off the firebox. The counterweight with steel cables ensures a silent, gentle, easy sliding movement of the door. The glass is protected by a closed steel structure, which prevents smoke leakage during opening and closing. The door also offers the possibility of hinged opening to make maintenance and cleaning easier.


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    The flame in full view.
    The large glass surface, which is heat resistant up to 750°C, offers apleasantly relaxing view of the fire. Air flows over the ceramic glass and helps keep it clean.

    MULTI FUOCO FAN SYSTEM option. multifuoco logo

    Perfect warmth from the floor to the ceiling.
    The HT fireboxes may be fitted with the exclusive Multifuoco System® Kit for even distribution of heat throughout the room where it is installed and in adjacent rooms. Two Multifuoco System® Kit can be installed and operated by just one remote control.



    NOMINAL OUTPUT: 10kW (6kW Min 16.3kW Max)
    GROSS EFFICIENCY: 67.9% (74.6% Nett)
    FUEL TYPE: Any dry wood based fuel
    APPLIANCE TYPE: Dry system
    AREA HEATED @ -1°C: 140m3 (5040 FT3) Approx.
    FLUE SIZE: 200mm
    ORDERING LEAD TIMES: Stock or 4 weeks.


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Piazzetta – HT600 Wood Burning Firebox