Certainly Wood – Kiln Dried Firewood Logs Bags
Certainly Wood

Certainly Wood Kiln Dried Firewood Logs Bags

Small Bag of Kiln Dried Logs 20% Average Moisture Content 0.02m3 (10-15 Logs)


Kiln Dried Logs Small Bags ( 10kg approx )  

£6.17 per bag  

3   bags for £   18.50


£5.00 per bag

30 bags for £150.00


£4.62 per bag

50 bags for £231.00


£4.57 per bag

70 bags for £320.00


Each bag contains an average of 10-15 logs with an average length of 25cm. Small bags provide an easy handling solution and need to be stored in a cool dry place.

Kiln dried logs are dried to an average moisture content of 20% and are recommended for immediate burning on all wood burning appliances. The wood is air dried first then finished off in wood fired kilns and these logs are recommended by most of the major UK stove manufacturers.

All the wood is hardwood, sourced from Sustainable British Woodland and the logs are cut to an average length of 25cm, but also available in longer lengths (35cm and 50cm) when bought in bulk bags.

These logs provide the ultimate clean burn with maximum heat output.

Pack Size 0.03m3 (stacked volume)  10-15 logs per bag
Origin British
Available in lengths       25cm (9 ¾”) Tolerance on length is +/- 10%
Log diameter  5 -15cm (2 – 6”) measured across widest point of log.
Moisture content Average 20% Loose Equiv. 1m3
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Price from: £6.85

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Certainly Wood – Kiln Dried Firewood Logs Bags

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