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Light Blue Herringbone 100% Wool Blanket

Evoking the pale dreamy blues of a spring morning in St Ives, this light blue herringbone wool blanket is as pretty as a picture and as comforting as they come. Versatile, breathable and oh-so heavenly, its woolly embrace lends a fun sense of ceremony to every occasion. From warding off cool breezes on a boat trip out to sea to providing that perfect extra layer as you hunker down by the fire, this blanket is a piece to treasure.

The Light Blue Herringbone 100% Wool Blanket, available from Robeys in Derbyshire


  • 100% wool
  • Made in Britain
  • Designed in Cornwall
  • Available in 3 sizes - standard, large and king

Size guide

  • Standard - for one person to snuggle or on a single bed
  • Large - big enough for two to get cosy or on a double bed
  • King - great for family/couple snuggles & double, king or super king beds


Made from breathable wool, so a good shake and airing outside is usually enough to keep your blanket looking and feeling new. If it does become dirty, however, we recommend hand washing or, if necessary, a machine wash at 30ºC on a gentle wool cycle, both using a wool friendly detergent. Press excess water out. Do not tumble dry. Dry flat and away from direct sunlight.

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Price from: £55.00

Blankets and Throws – Light Blue Herringbone 100% Wool Blanket