MA265SL Wood Burning Firebox

The firebox is the magic behind the fireplace. Compared to a traditional fire, the firebox improves performance, efficiency and safety. The MA265 SL has a rise 'n' fall door which is an elegant, practical and safe addition to the firebox. The rise 'n' fall door allows a very full view of the flames. These fireboxes are able to blend perfectly into modern and minimalist interiors.

A stunning range of traditional and designer fireplaces available for this model.


A typical installation, a firebox with optional surround ( for illustration purposes only

Practical and safe.
A rise 'n' fall mechanism offers the utmost safety and better control of combustion with considerable benefits in terms of fuel efficiency. The glass is protected by a closed steel structure which prevents smoke emission during opening and closing. The door also offers the possibility of hinged opening to make cleaning easier.

rise n fall door

The flame in full view.
The large glass surface which is heat resistant up to 750°C, offers a pleasantly relaxing view of the fire. Air flows constantly over the
ceramic glass to keep it clear.

Solid and durable.
The steel structure and the cast iron fire pit ensure that the firebox is solid, robust and long-lasting - three characteristics for which Piazzetta products are renowned.

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    Structure: enamelled steel, closed firebox
    Firebox: in Aluker®
    Fire pit: in cast iron
    Hood: in steel
    Opening: door in enamelled steel with self-cleaning ceramic glass resistant up to 750 C°. Rise n’fall door, hinged opening for cleaning
    Door profile: in enamelled steel 
    Door handle: in enamelled steel
    Primary air: adjustable manually
    Secondary air: fixed
    Flue outlet: top
    Flue damper: manual
    Ash pan: removable
    Fuel: wood
    Heating: radiant and natural convection


    Room heating capacity (min-max) m3 260-445
    Nominal thermal efficiency % 75
    Rated heat output kW 15,5
    Consumption at rated heat output Kg/h 4,8
    Maximum heat output kW 16,5
    Maximum consumption Kg/h 5,5
    Flue outlet Ø cm 25
    Flue up to 4,5 mt Ø cm 30
    Flue over 4,5 mt Ø cm 25
    Fresh air intake (recomm. min sect.) cm2 300
    Weight Kg 341


    me 265sl sizes

    All dimensions in cm.

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Piazzetta – MA265SL Wood Burning Firebox