Harrie Leenders – Mats Wood Burning Stove
Harrie Leenders

Harrie Leenders Mats Wood Burning Stove

Mats is a fireplace which excels in simplicity. A particularly understated yet striking design is combined with the very cleanest combustion to create a fireplace that efficiently produces prodigious quantities of radiant heat which can also be enjoyed for an extended period.

Harrie Leenders have proved beyond doubt that they can build special and advanced fireplaces but with Mats they return to the very essence of a fire. Mats represents the triumph of simplicity. Clever combustion on the inside and a minimalist design on the outside. Mats removes your chills without frills. 

Advanced combustion gets the most energy out of the wood so Mats burns cleanly and efficiently. Like the Boxer Plus, Mats uses preheated air for faultless combustion. The side stones, made of an exclusive Harrie Leenders material called “prisolith”, store some of the heat produced for gradual release into the room.

Top or rear flue outlets available.

Available with Black or Anthracite body and three colour side stones ( Natural, Anthracite and Black, as shown below ).


The Harrie Leenders Fuga eL woodburning stove is a DEFRA exempt stove. DEFRA is the UK government's Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and in relation to wood stoves and multifuel stoves is concerned with smoke emissions in accordance with the Clean Air Act 1993. A DEFRA exempt stove is a wood stove suitable for the burning of wood in smoke controlled areas.

Smoke control to be specified at the time of order

How to light the MATS


    • NOMINAL OUTPUT:    8kw Nom Min 3kW Max 12kW
    • GROSS EFFICIENCY:  >80% (88% Nett) Approx
    • FUEL TYPE:   Any dry wood based fuel
    • APPLIANCE TYPE:  Dry system
    • DEFRA Smoke Control Exempt:   YES
    • CE MARKED:    YES
    • AREA HEATED @ -1°C:   70m3 (2570 FT3) Approx.
    • FLUE SIZE:  150mm
    • WEIGHT:  210kg


Price from: £3497.00

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Harrie Leenders – Mats Wood Burning Stove