"Meneghini" Nevera

"Meneghini" Nevera Mia Refrigerator

The Mia is a beautiful fridge by Meneghini, available from Robeys. This simple yet elegantly designed fridge can be assembled in different personalised variations and has a versatile range of interior layouts available. With the option of a single or double model and hundreds of colours to choose from, the Mia is built in solid cherry wood and is also available in different height options.

The Meneghini Mia has a design that fits perfectly with country style furnishings. With the Mia, Italian fridge makers Meneghini have brought to you a design of simplicity; the curved legs and handles recall an antique style of old kitchens and long gone traditions. The Mia range offers a huge choice of coloured fridges to suit any interior design. Available in "single" or "double" versions, it can be assembled in different personalised variations. You can specify the exact model you require from over 250 colours or wood finishes, single or double models.

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    Product dimensions: The Mia range of fridges by Meneghini

    • Width options: 78cm, 144cm
    • Height: 158cm
    • Depth: 69cm
    • Fridge capacities vary from 150 litres to 170 litres.

    Standard Features of the Mia fridge by Meneghini:

    • Solid wood structure;
    • The Mia is built in solid cherry wood;
    • Comes with a choice from over 250 colours or wood finishes;
    • Wood finishes include cherry wood, aged walnut, cedar of Lebanon, mahogany, fir, oak;
    • The handles and hinges are in natural brushed or chromed brass;
    • Interior household appliances are by Liebherr.

    Internal layout design options:

    The double door version (pictured here) of the Menghini Mia fridge can accommodate a variety of internal layout options. The single door version is more compact at only 78cm width making it adaptable to many different surroundings and easy to fit into the smallest of spaces.

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