Piazzetta MP938 Pellet Firebox

Innovation and convenience. The MP pellet fireboxes feature linear and clear-cut stylishness, installation flexibility, exceptionally long burn time, practical and easy use.

perth surround

Perth Surround ( optional ).


Perfect warmth from the floor to the ceiling.
Multifuoco System® is a standard fitting on all models so that the heat produced is distributed evenly throughout the room and hot air can also be ducted into adjacent rooms or upstairs.

Two independent fans.To optimize hot air flow in adjoining rooms, the pellet fireboxes are
fitted with a double fan. The capacity of the two fans can be modulated separately so that different temperatures may be set in the day-time living area and the night-time sleeping area of your home.

Savings and comfort. The LCD remote control with Multicomfort function gives you control over the temperature in the room where the fireplace is installed or in adjacent rooms. The remote control also acts as a timer thermostat offering weekly, daily and weekend programming options.Multicomfort is an unrivalled, unique system because it is truly simpleto use and you can change the settings as you want.

Structure: enamelled steel frame, closed firebox
Baffle: in cast-iron
Firebox: in steel and cast-iron
Brazier: in cast-iron
Opening: cast iron and steel door with self-cleaning ceramic glass
resistant up to 750°C
Door handle: in steel with nickel-plated finish
Functions: LCD remote control and Multicomfort settings,
additional control unit
Timer/thermostat: standard, allows split times for daily,
weekly and weekend programs
Pellet level sensor: standard
Energy Saving: automatic shutdown and ignition when the required room
temperature is reached
Eco Function: automatic power control of the fire
Flue outlet: rear
Ash pan: removable
Fuel: pellet
Heating: forced ventilation through Multifuoco System® with Dual Power, radiant and natural convection

Perth colours

Perth colour options.


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    Rated heat output. Min - Max 3.5 - 11kW

    83w X 138h X 44.5d cm


    mp 938 sizes

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Piazzetta – MP938 Pellet Firebox

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