Iron Dog – Number 2
Iron Dog

Iron Dog Number 2

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Over the course of history, the fireplace has always been a popular meeting place. With the Iron Dog N°2, it will become a centre of attraction. This is because the perfect balance between an imposing force and an impressive design ensures that this Iron Dog not only radiates heat, but its personality as well.

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    GROSS EFFICIENCY: 73.3% (80.6% Nett)
    FUEL TYPE: Seasoned Wood
    APPLIANCE TYPE: Dry system
    AREA HEATED @ -1°C: 100m3 (3600 FT3) Approx.
    FLUE SIZE: 130mm Rear
    DIMENSIONS: 730 x 540 x 610mm
    WEIGHT: 150kg

    iron dog 2 sizes

Price from: £1498.00

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Iron Dog – Number 2