Ortal – Fan Exhaust System

Fan Exhaust System

This Fan exhaust system is specifically designed for the Ortal range of fireplaces.

The Ortal Fan Exhaust system allows you to install your fireplace in locations that conventional direct vent systems couldn't. The placement of the fireplace is no longer dependent upon the venting pathway. This allows architects, designers and builders to work with ease.

‘Fan Exhaust’ is a fan assisted concentric flue system which increases the flexibility of siting for the Ortal range of fireplaces

Advantages of ORTAL Fan Exhaust:
• Smaller diameter flue pipes (Ø125mm ‘UK’ concentric flue system supplied by Robeys)
• Longer flue runs (20-30m)
• Horizontal and vertical options available including below the level of the firebox outlet
• Fan Exhaust MUST be specified at the time of ordering the fire.
• The system can be specified for any standard ORTAL gas fire and is connected to the appliance using the special adaptor which is supplied with the Fan  Exhaust kit. (NOTE: cannot be used with dual line control).
General Arrangement
A. The Fan Exhaust fan unit is connected in line with the flue system, close to the flue terminal and at least 5 metres away from the fire. A 230V ac power supply must be provided nearby.
B. The fan control box incorporating air pressure switch is positioned close to the fire. (APS tube is 1.5m long)
C. The air pressure hose is connected to the pressure nipple provided on the fire adaptor.
D. A secondary gas solenoid is connected in line between the fire’s gas control and the burner.

1. The fan unit switches on.
2. The fan starts and as soon as the air pressure switch registers normal operating pressure, the green LED illuminates.
3. The ignition sequence is activated and the burner lights.
4. In the event of a flue obstruction or power supply failure, the air pressure switch reacts and closes off the gas supply. The yellow LED on the fan control box illuminates.
5. The fire extinguishes safely.
6. The fire may be re-lit when the fan system is operative once more.
• Power Consumption                                        35W
• Maximum air flow rate                                  150m³/hr
• Approximate maximum noise level               46.5dB
• Fan Exhaust fan unit (with 3m mains cable and 14m data cable)
• Fan Exhaust inlet adaptor
• Fan Exhaust outlet adaptor
• Fire outlet adaptor
• Fire air duct adaptor with pressure hose connection
• Fan control box
• Air pressure switch tube (1.5m)
• Gas solenoid with connecting cable
• Fan control box to receiver unit cable
• Flexible gas pipe (gas valve to secondary solenoid)
• Remote control handset
• Instructions
• 230V ac power supply
• Use only parts and materials specified by ORTAL


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Ortal – Fan Exhaust System
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