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Outdoor Log Store ( Certainly Wood )

The log store provides the perfect storage solution for your logs whether storing kiln dried logs or further drying seasoned wood. The single store fits perfectly into the garden, providing a suitable house for logs. By adding additional log stores at the side you can double your fire wood log storage capacity.

The store is pressure treated with preservative and has an open front with slatted sides for maximum airflow through the logs. It is fitted with a weatherproof felt tiled roof as standard and conveniently designed in modular format to allow two units or more side by side or a multi unit of four stores. Stores are delivered in a flat pack format with clear instructions and are easy to construct.


Dimensions (single log store)

Width: 124cm
Depth: 82cm
Height (front): 167cm
Height (rear): 183cm


Also available with Weather Shield

.cw weathershield 


Price ( logs not included):-
£280.00 Inc VAT

Price, Weathershield:-
£54.00 Inc VAT




Please note, these log stores are stored outside, and have some marks due to weathering.


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    Dimensions (single log store)

    Width: 124cm
    Depth: 82cm
    Height (front): 167cm
    Height (rear): 183cm


    Assembly Instructions

    Before you start

    Make sure you place the wood store on a lavel surface suitable to support the weight. Distortion may occur if the store is not placed on a stable surface.

    Take the bag of screws and seperate them into individual sizes. you should have the following

    A 20mm 4mm 16
    B 45mm 4mm 66
    C 60mm 4mm 2
    D 60mm 5mm 4
    E 80mm 5mm 2
    F 90mm 5mm 8


    You should also have the following parts


     Tools you will need

    • Battery type screw driver with clutch and pozi drive tip
    • Tape measure
    • Step ladder
    • A willing assistant (to help you lift the log store)

    You should consider adjusting your screwdrivers' slip clutch to prevent overpenetration of screwheads. This can cause the wood to splinter.

    Step 1

    Lay part B (base) on its long edge with legs pointing away from the proposed wood shed construction. Lay part A (side panels) on the ground either side of part B (base) with their longest edge on the ground and the hinges closing inwards.

    Line up the top of the case to the top of the lowest cross member. 

    Screw four 90mm screws into either side as shown below.


    Step 2

    To fit the lintel (part D) straighten the two sides and place the lintel at the top of the structure so that it rests on the top of the highest cross member. Secure with 2 80mm screws.

     Step 3

    Life the part constructed assembly onto its feet, ensure it is level and insert the lower Part C (back panel). Secure with 45mm screws as shown. Repeat for the upper section. 

    Then fit 2 metal brace plates to the centre and base on the rear panels. Use 4 20mm screws for each brace plate



    Step 4

    The facia palters are in four pieces (parts E x 2 and G x 2). Parts G are the longer parts and have an angle at one end, these should be fitted first with the angle in line with the roof (facing forwards with 5 45mm screws. 

    Fit screws X and Y first on each side then straighten the sides before fitting screw Z. Then fit remaining screws and facia panel E. 

    Part E is fitted with 2 45mm screws and 1 60mm screw. 

    The 60mm screws should be fitted into the log store support feet.


    Step 5

    Fit the 2 metal brace plates (part I) to the inside front facia uprights using 4 20mm screws for each plate. These plates join Part E and Part G together. 

    Step 6 

    A) Line roof panels with rear edge and side of log store. 


    B) Place part L x2 Rear Roof trim leaving a 70mm gap in the center. 


    C)  Fit left and right T sections (part H) and roof cover strip (part F).


    D) Fit 4 60mm screws up through the lintel D into the roof section


    Once you're finished...

    Construction is now finished. Make sure your log store is positioned on a level area which can support the wood store (and all the stored logs). If the store is placed in an unstable location distortion can occur. 

    Your wood store has been coated with a preservative to protect it from the elements. To extend the wood store's life inspect the coating yearly and if necessary apply any common wood preservative.

    Do not allow children or animals to play in or near the log store, falling logs are heavy and can cause injury.

Price from: £280.00

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Certainly Wood – Outdoor Log Store  ( Certainly Wood )

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