Piazzetta – P963 C TH Pellet Boiler Stove

Piazzetta P963 C TH Pellet Boiler Stove

Designed to run a central heating system independently or as part of an integrated system, the heating boiler provides up to 13.5kW output. Burning renewable wood pellets at over 90% efficiency makes this stove kind to your pocket and the environment.

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    Dimensions WxDxH cm: 65x54x117
    Stove interior: steel
    Baffle plate/Firebox and Brazier: refractary/cast iron
    Flue size cm: 8
    Standard flue: Rear left
    Exhaust fumes with optional kit:
    Boiler: steel
    Circolation pump and safety devices: standard
    Expansion tank: closed
    Ash drawer:
    Door: cast iron opening with handle datachable
    Ceramic glass: resistant up to 750° C
    Door handle: enamelled steel
    Hopper capacity Kg: 30
    Stove control unit: with digital controls
    Timer-thermostat with programming: daily, weekly and weekend dual time settings
    Thermal output to the water (min-max) kW: 5-13,5
    Nominal thermal output (min-max) kW: 6,6-16.5
    Output control (positions): Automatic to 16 levels
    Thermal efficiency (max) %: greater than 90
    Consumption at rated heat output (min-max) Kg/h: 1,5-3,5
    Power consumption energy Watt: 150
    Max. energy usage Watt: 430
    Total weight Kg: 223


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Piazzetta – P963 C TH Pellet Boiler Stove