Piazzetta – P966 TH Pellet Boiler Stove

Piazzetta P966 TH Pellet Boiler Stove

The Piazzetta P966 Thermo (Boiler) is a modern styled pellet stove with enamelled steel cladding offering a high heat output which makes it ideal for larger properties.

Pellets  are made using the waste from other types of wood which means that when burned in an efficient pellet stove, they're a very eco-friendly form of heating. This stove offers excellent heat output coupled with modest fuel consumption.

The Piazzetta P966 Pellet Stove is shown here in Bordeaux

Standard features of the Piazzetta P966 Thermo Boiler Pellet Stove:

HEATING - Production of Hot water for the heating system or to integrate the exisitng water heating system.

MULTIFUNCTION DISPLAY - Digital controls for ignition, shutdown, programming the timer thermostat and setting the water temperature.

PROGRAMMING - Daily with dual time settings.

STRUCTURE - Stove body, brazier and boiler in steel. Firebox in Aluker and steel, door in cast iron. Closed expansion tank, water pump and standard safety devices.

CLADDING - Enamelled steel with majolica inserts.

AIR GLASS SYSTEM - Self-cleaning ceramic glass resistant up to 750°C

Available colour options - Bianco meringa, Terra d'Oriente, Bordeaux, Nero Opaco.

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    OUTPUT: 9kW Min 28.5kW Max
    7kW Min 23.5kW Max to water
    GROSS EFFICIENCY: 83.7% (92.% Nett)
    FUEL TYPE: Wood Pellets
    APPLIANCE TYPE: Wet system
    AREA HEATED @ -1°C: 70m3 (2520 FT3) Approx. Max
    FLUE SIZE: 80mm Outlet, 100mm internal diameter flue system.
    ORDERING LEAD TIMES: 4 to 6 weeks.


    p966th sizes

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Piazzetta – P966 TH Pellet Boiler Stove