Piazzetta – P988 TH Pellet Boiler Stove

Piazzetta P988 TH Pellet Boiler Stove

Thermo Pellet Stove clad in Majolica. The P988 TH is suitable for radiator or underfloor heating systems. The total firebox heat output is 22,8 kW. It can be integrated and used as a supplement to a heating system or used as an alternative to the traditional system. It can be controlled via a room thermostat.

The stove's all-over cladding provides a perfect blend of practicality and beauty that suits any domestic environment.

The standard remote control enables you to set daily, weekly and weekend programmes. 

The Energy Saving and Eco functions allow you to achieve considerable fuel savings during. The Easy Cleaning and Automatic Cleaning systems reduce and simplify maintenance.

You can even manage the operation of the stove at a distance with an SMS text message.

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    Dimensions WxDxH cm: 58x59x126
    Stove interior: steel
    Baffle plate/Firebox and Brazier: refractary/cast iron
    Flue size cm: 10
    Standard flue: Rear
    Exhaust fumes with optional kit:
    Boiler: steel
    Circolation pump and safety devices: standard
    Expansion tank: closed
    Ash drawer:
    Door: cast iron opening with handle datachable
    Ceramic glass: resistant up to 750° C
    Door handle: enamelled steel
    Hopper capacity Kg: 48
    Stove control unit: with digital controls
    Timer-thermostat with programming: daily, weekly and weekend dual time settings
    Thermal output to the water (min-max) kW: 5-13,5
    Nominal thermal output (min-max) kW: 6,6-16.5
    Output control (positions): Automatic to 16 levels
    Thermal efficiency (max) %: greater than 90
    Consumption at rated heat output (min-max) Kg/h: 1,5-3,5
    Power consumption energy Watt: 150
    Max. energy usage Watt: 430
    Total weight Kg: 232


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Piazzetta – P988 TH Pellet Boiler Stove