Atelier Vierkant

Planter U Collection

Large clay planter, hand made in Belgium.

Available in twelve sizes:-

U40    40 x 30cm    Weight 15kg     18 litre capacity

U50    50 x 39cm    Weight 20kg     40 litre capacity

U60    60 x 48cm    Weight 35kg     79.4 litre capacity

U70    70 x 50cm    Weight 50kg     123.5 litre capacity

U80    78 x 60cm    Weight 65kg     140.4 litre capacity

U90    90 x 68cm    Weight 110kg     248.2 litre capacity

U100    100 x 72cm    Weight 150kg     365 litre capacity

U10080    100 x 80cm    Weight 170kg     465 litre capacity

U12065    120 x 65cm    Weight 200kg     535 litre capacity

U120    120 x 90cm    Weight 250kg     683.2 litre capacity

U140    140 x 75cm    Weight 350kg     800 litre capacity

U160    160 x 96cm    Weight 450kg     1285 litre capacity


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Atelier Vierkant – Planter U Collection