Rayburn Rayburn 400 GPX PF Range Cooker Gas Fired

The Rayburn 400 is the largest gas Cooker model.

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    The cast-iron lower oven operates at half the temperature of the main oven and the range features an integral automatic timer and has the added benefit of an optional external programmer.

    You don't need a chimney to own a Rayburn GPX PF Cooker as it's fitted with a power flue for positioning almost anywhere - the smaller diameter pipe for the power flue can be routed behind kitchen units and even under floors to vent to any suitable outside wall.




    Function Cooking
    Fuel Natural Gas
    Controls Thermostatic/Integral oven timer/Operational wall programmer
    Initial Flue Pipe (minimum internal diameter) Power Flue
    Ventilation (minimum air vent for room) 35cm2
    Electrical Supply 220/240V - 50Hz 3 amp fused
    Lower Oven Cast iron cooking oven
    Weight 345Kg




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Rayburn – Rayburn 400 GPX PF Range Cooker Gas Fired