Rope Seal

We have many different models and sizes of glass fibre rope, for al your rope seal replacement jobs.

Tips for buying a replacement rope seal

  1. Rope seals come in several different diameters so it is important to ensure that you obtain the appropriate size to suit your particular stove.
  2. Make a note of the make and model of your stove.
  3. If you don't know the exact model of your stove, email a photo and we can usually identify it from that.
  4. Don't forget to get some rope seal adhesive to go with your new rope!

Glass Fibre Rope ( 2m per pack ) including end tape.


Make Model Size
AARROW Hamlet 9mm
Astra (Old Model)                9mm
Acorn 10mm Soft
Ecoburn 10mm Soft
Evolution 10mm Soft
Becton 10mm Soft
Stratford 10mm Soft
CLEARVIEW Pioneer Clearview Kit
Vision Clearview Kit
650 / 750 Door Clearview Kit
650 / 750 Ashpan Clearview Kit
COALBROOKDALE Little Wenlock 9mm / 10mm
Much Wenlock 9mm / 10mm
CHARNWOOD Country 14mm / 16mm 6mm Center
Cove 14mm / 16mm
Island 9mm / 10mm
DOVRE All Models Dovre Service Kit
DUNSLEY All Models 12mm
FRANCO BELGE Belfort 9mm
Montfort 10mm Soft
Savoy 10mm Soft
HUNTER Hawk 10mm Soft
Herald 10mm Soft
MORSO All Models 8mm Soft
STOVAX Brunel 6mm
Sheraton 8mm
Stockton 14mm
Huntingdon 10mm Soft
Blenheim 9mm
VILLAGER All Models 9mm
WOODWARM All Models 14mm
YEOMAN Most Models 9mm


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Price from: £3.45

Robeys – Rope Seal

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