Piazzetta Superior – Sibilla Wood Burning Stove 8.2kW
Piazzetta Superior

Sibilla Wood Burning Stove 8.2kW

Simple in design, easy to use and with crystal clear glass thanks to an effective airwash system, the SIBILLA produces both radiant and convected heat. The very fashionable enamelled steel casing panels have the added bonus of being very easy to keep clean. SIBILLA is available in four colours which have been chosen to complement the classic cast iron front perfectly.




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    Dimensions (WxDxH) cm: 60x51x102
    Cladding: Steel panels
    Top: cast iron
    Stove interior: steel
    Primary and secondary air: adjustable
    Firebox and baffle plate: cast iron
    Fire pit: cast iron
    Heating: natural convection and radiant heat
    Flue outlet cm : 15
    Ash drawer: removable
    Door: cast iron with automatic lock
    Ceramic glass: resistant up to 750° C self-cleaning
    Room heating capacity (min-max) m3: 140-235
    Fresh air intake (min useful sect.) m2: 100
    Thermal efficiency %: 78.2
    Nominal thermal output kW: 8.2
    Consumption at rated heat output Kg/h: 2.5
    Maximum thermal output kW: 9
    Maximum consumption Kg/h: 2,9
    Total weight Kg: 140

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Piazzetta Superior – Sibilla Wood Burning Stove 8.2kW