Clearview – Solution 500 Stove 7kW

Solution 500 Stove 7kW

The Clearview Solution 500 wood stove is a highly efficient clean burning convection stove. The hot air wash system common to all Clearview stoves gives fascinating flame patterns and crystal clear glass, bringing elegance and comfort to any home.



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    The Clearview Solution 500 stove in Welsh Slate Blue

    Height - 80cm,

    Width - 64.8cm,

    Depth - 41.5cm

    Available in 6 colours.

    Standard Features:

    • Large Clearview double glazed door.
    • Hot 'air wash system' for really clean burning without fuss or pampering.
    • Independent up draught and down draught air distribution system for maximum response and control.
    • Refractory lining and tertiary air supply, promoting super clean combustion.
    • Large hot plate surface for coffee pot or kettle.
    • Convection casing ensures a lower surface temperature, allowing closer installation to vulnerable surfaces.
    • Fuel store for morning sticks.
    • Multifuel, both wood and coal burn equally well.
    • Rotary grate for easy riddling.
    • Heavy steel construction - welded inside and out for durability and long life.
    • Stainless steel ash pan for easy ash removal.
    • Optional top or rear 150mm (6 inch) diameter flue.
    • Adjustable hinges and door catch to maintain air tightness throughout the life of the door seals.
    • Base plate to provide additional floor protection.
    • Solid brass removable handle.
    • Maximum gross heat output: 8kw


    NOMINAL OUTPUT: 7kW (Min 1.5kW Max 8kW)
    GROSS EFFICIENCY: 65.2% (71.7% Nett)
    FUEL TYPE: Multi Fuel
    APPLIANCE TYPE: Dry system
    AREA HEATED @ -1°C: 100m3 (3600 FT3) Approx.
    FLUE SIZE: 150mm
    ORDERING LEAD TIMES: Stock or up to 4 weeks.
    OMINAL OUTPUT: 7kW (Min 1.5kW Max 8kW)

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Clearview – Solution 500 Stove 7kW