Ortal – Standalone Modern Corner Gas Fireplace

Ortal Standalone Modern Corner Gas Fireplace

Sometimes, the best placement for a fire is as an individual element within a living space. Ortal has an impressive variety of stand alone fires.


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    Standard features:

    • Clear Glass for a clear view of the fire
    • Frameless for a fuller view of the fire
    • Remote Control - controls ignition, a timer and a thermostat.
    • Battery powered control box - operates during a power cut.
    • Decorative bed for fireplace - your choice of large or small logs, large or small pebbles
    • Balanced flue fireplace - A balanced flue gas fire is room-sealed using a glass front. The flue uses natural ventilation to pull the air from outside and discharge the gas exhaust to outside.

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    Optional features:

    • Natural Gas or LPG
    • Mains electrical connection for the control box - no batteries.



    • Heat Output, Natural Gas, Single Line:- 6kW ( Heat Input 7kW )
    • Efficiency, Natural Gas:- 85.7%
    • Heat Output, LPG, Single Line:- 4.3kW ( Heat Input 5.2kW )
    • Efficiency, LPG:- 82.7%
    • Connection - 15mm ( compression fitting supplied )


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    Download the Ortal Product Brochure here.


    Download the Ortal Technical Guide here.


    Watch an Ortal fire working.

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Ortal – Standalone Modern Corner Gas Fireplace
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