Piazzetta Stoccolma Fireplace with 360 Degree View

The Stoccolma is part of the unique Panoramic designer fireplace collection by Italian stovemakers Piazzetta. Offering an unobstructed 360 ° view of the fire, the circular glass and beautiful hand finished majolica cladding perfectly complement the modern open plan living space. Stoccolma provides the ideal focal point for a ‘grand design’. 

An impressive fireplace that immediately catches the eye. Linear appearance, customisable support with or without space for stacking firewood and base clad with large and very thick majolica panels.

This is a hi-tech wood burner that takes the fireplace out of its usual position in the wall and brings it out into the room. The perfect combination of technology and innovative materials give a modern touch to the ageless appeal of the circular hearths from a bygone era. There are no metal profiles in the glass surrounding the grate to disturb the all-round view of the fire and Panoramics boast an exclusive rise and fall system developed by Piazzetta’s R&D department. Semi-circular glass panels are mounted on two independent motor-driven carrier systems that can be controlled separately. Special sensors ensure safety during opening and closing. 

The considerable size of the ceramic glass panels which are heat resistant up to 750° C give a perfect view of the fire from any angle.



Exclusively shaped and practical. The shape and depth of the Aluker grate, fitted with a circular fret, makes it highly practical with considerable space provided for the embers.



Solid and durable.The steel structure makes the appliance solid, sturdy and durable - the features that have always distinguished Piazzetta products.



A product of research and technology. The shape of the smoke baffle plate has been designed to optimise combustion and to give the fire a shape that is especially pleasing to look at.



Reduced emissions and harmony with the environment. The combustion air flow is calibrated to ensure best combustion and to generate an air cushion around the ceramic glass, which helps keep it clean. The grate in Aluker - a patented exclusive Piazzetta ceramic material - improves combustion and heat diffusion, enhances the brightness of the flame and makes the appliance attractive to look at even when not in use.

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    Floor to ceiling: 250- 270cm standard or up to 500cm bespoke.

    GROSS EFFICIENCY: 68.3% (75% Nett) Approx
    FUEL TYPE: Any dry wood based fuel
    APPLIANCE TYPE: Dry system
    AREA HEATED @ -1°C: 200m3 (7200 FT3) Approx.
    FLUE SIZE: 250mm
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    stoccolma drawing

    The Stoccolma fireplace can be mounted to a sloping roof / ceiling. Please contact us for more information.

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Piazzetta – Stoccolma Fireplace with 360 Degree View