Brunner – Style Wood Burning Tunnel Fireboxes

Style Wood Burning Tunnel Fireboxes

Brunner Style Wood Burning Tunnel Firebox has large flat viewing glass and a lifting door.    

STIL KAMIN : BRUNNER’S 'Style fireplace'

A tunnel fireplace introduces a sense of light airiness to a room or added depth when used to divide two rooms .The frameless glass door of the STIL KAMIN creates the impression of an open log fire but like all Brunner products the firebox has impeccable environmental credentials. The silky smooth operation of the door is due to Brunner's easy-lift mechanism and because of the well-sealed combustion chamber and optimised air supply, the glass remains clear and soot-free.

Below are listed some of the other features that make Brunner fireboxes so special?

 -The doors run on ball bearings and each of the two counterweighted pulleys uses a steel rope that can support 670kg

 -High quality fireclay linings have the highest level of durability

 -Lifting doors open for cleaning at the touch of a button

 -Torsion resistant door frames with specially designed profiles

 -Flexible reinforced sealing ropes which can withstand 1000ºC

 -Air cooled stainless steel operating handle with spiral end

 -Dedicated external air supply connection


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    51 / 67 Style Tunnel

    Rated Heat Output - 11kW

    53 / 88 Style Tunnel

    Rated Heat Output - 10.5kW

    62 / 76 Style Tunnel

    Rated Heat Output - 14kW

    75 / 90 Style Tunnel

    Rated Heat Output - 11kW

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Brunner – Style Wood Burning Tunnel Fireboxes

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