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Tarifa Teak Table Collection

Borek outdoor furniture launched the Tarifa teak collection in 2018. The tables are made from reclaimed teak wood. This kind of teak gets a second life in this way and therefore also has its unique appearance. The wood has irregularities here and there, that gives exactly the charm of this model. The wood will age over time. The entire Borek outdoor range is weather resistant, but you can always use the Borek Teak Cleaner, would you like to brighten up the wood after some time.

 Tarifa Teak Table Detail.


  Tarifa Teak Table 70cm diameter  x 75cm high 5594  

 Tarifa Teak Table 70cm x 70cm x 75cm high 5595  

 Tarifa Teak Table 130cm diameter x 75cm high 5596  

 Tarifa Teak Table 140cm x 140cm x 75cm high 5597  

 Tarifa Teak Table 240cm x 100cm x 75cm high 5598  

 Tarifa Teak Side Table 45.5cm diameter x 42.5cm high 5590  

 Tarifa Teak Side Table 45.5cm diameter x 57cm high 5591  

 Tarifa Teak Coffee Table 80cm diameter x 35cm high 5592  

 Tarifa Teak Coffee Table 80cm x 80 x 35cm high 5593  


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Borek Outdoor Furniture – Tarifa Teak Table Collection