The Wood Fire Handbook by Vincent Thurkettle

The Wood Fire Handbook will teach you the best way to approach wood fires in a way that suits your lifestyle, resources and surroundings. This beautifully detailed book is a practical guide to everything you need to know about creating the perfect wood fire, indoors or out. Discover the wider benefits of the wood fire lifestyle, from improving your fireplace to improving your social capital and allow yourself to be inspired to collect your own fuel and build fires for many practical purposes, whether for cooking, for heating or otherwise.

The Wood Fire Handbook will teach you:

  • The best types of wood to burn, from Alder to Hawthorn
  • How to split logs and chop wood safely and economically
  • How to store and season your firewood
  • Creating the perfect woodstore, as practical as it is beautiful
  • How to lay and tend a fire, from lighting to clearing the ashes
  • Choosing wood for scent, such as spicy Bay wood, to the homely scent of Ash, or sweet Fruitwood
  • Cooking on an open fire

Vincent Thurkettle is a woodsman. After spending his childhood roaming the Somerset countryside, he left school at 16 to work on the Huntley Estate in Gloucestershire. He subsequently trained as a Chartered Forester, and worked for the Forestry Commission, retiring in 2005. He now has a business selling Christmas trees.

'Fire warms, consoles, and touches the very hearts of us, like a loving, worldly-wise relative' - Vincent Thurkettle

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Miscellaneous – The Wood Fire Handbook by Vincent Thurkettle