URFEUER Open Wood Burning Fire

The ‘Urfeuer’ from Brunner is a fire dedicated to the senses - designed for all those who are seeking the real fire experience rather than a heating solution.

Without a glass pane between you and the fire, it is possible to see, smell and hear the fire in all its natural beauty.

This is the fireplace in its original form and is perfectly suited to small or large modern living spaces.The URFEUER flat is the go-to option for everybody, who wants an open fireplace.

It's visual size can be extended with special plates made of high-quality cast-iron.

For safety, the fire is equipped with an almost invisible retractable spark guard

Available in Flat Front, Corner and Panorama (3 sided peninsula) versions.



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    Urfeuer 50 / 66

    Urfeuer 50 / 66 Kitchen Fireplace

    Urfeuer 50 / 88

    Urfeuer 50 / 110

    Urfeuer corner 50 / 66 / 44

    Urfeuer corner 50 / 88 / 44




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Brunner – URFEUER Open Wood Burning Fire