Metaloterm US Concentric Flue System

Metaloterm® US

Concentric flue system for balanced flue gas-fired stoves (class C11 and C31)

· Appliance adaptors 
· Both wall and roof terminals available
· Easy assembly; lightweight elements
· Wide product range offers solutions for virtually all situations
· Tested in combination with many appliances according to EN 613

Technical characteristics 

Application Balanced flue
Operating mode Dry
Pressure Negative pressure
Max. working pressure 0 Pa
Operating temperature  600 °C
Max. temperature allowed 600 °C
Inner wall  
· material AISI 304/EN 1.4301
· thickness 0.4 mm
Outer wall  
· material AISI 304/EN 1.4301
· thickness 0.4 mm



Inner diameter (mm)  100 130
Outer diameter (mm) 150 200
Cross section (cm2) 79 133
Weight (+/-kg/m) 2.5 4


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Metaloterm – US Concentric Flue System