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Borek Outdoor Viking Collection

Borek’s Viking collection was designed by Frans van Rens and has a trendy look. This collection is made entirely of powder-coated aluminium and is available in the colours white, pearl grey and anthracite. The furniture can be easily cleaned with Borek Multi Cleaner and you can leave it outdoors for the whole season without concern.

The collection consists of a chair, low dining chair, low armchair, low sofa, sun lounger, and matching tables and accessories.

The great advantage of aluminium is that it requires little maintenance and is very user friendly. Sunbrella cushions are available for enhanced seating comfort and there are all-weather cushions for the lounge products. A very comfortable series of outdoor furniture with the authentic Frans van Rens signature, to enjoy for many summers!


Fluidized powder coating applied to the aluminium structure by electrostatic spray. To ensure the solidity and resistance of the powder coating, the complete structure is baked at a temperature of about 180 degrees Celsius.


Borek aluminium Viking soa and coffee table

Borek 2017 Viking lounge left XL by Frans van Rens 7188

Borek 2017 Viking lounge middle XL by Frans van Rens 7187

Borek 2017 Viking lounge right XL by Frans van Rens 7189

Borek aluminium Viking chair 7140

Borek aluminium Viking lounge chair 7142

Borek aluminium Viking lounge table 183x91cm 7149

Borek aluminium Viking lounger 7144

Borek aluminium Viking low dining chair 7141

Borek aluminium Viking side table 7145

Borek aluminium Viking sofa 7143

Borek aluminium Viking table 255x116cm 7146

Borek aluminium Viking table 7147 white


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    Borek aluminium Viking sofa

    Viking Sofa 7143 ( 218cm wide x 88cm deep x 71cm high 28cm seat height )

    Borek Viking Aluminium Lounger Outdoor Furniture

    Viking Lounger 7144 ( 104cm wide x 240cm deep x 48.5cm high 31cm seat height )

    Borek Aluminium Low Dining Chair

    Viking Low Dining Chair Anthracite 7141 ( 73cm wide x 74cm deep x 75cm high 33cm seat height )

    Borek Viking Lounge Chair Aluminium 7142

    Viking Lounge Chair 7142 ( 94cm wide x 88cm deep x 71cm high 28cm seat height )

    Borek aluminium Viking chair 7140

    Viking Chair 7140 ( 62cm wide x 71.5cm deep x 87cm high 40cm seat height )

    Borek aluminium Viking table 255x116cm 7146

    Viking Table 7146 ( 255cm long x 116cm wide x 755cm high )

    borek aluminium low dining table 7147

    Vinking Low Dining Table 7147 ( 325cm long x 116cm wide x 75cm high )

    Borek Viking Coffee Table 7149

    Viking Coffee / Lounge Table 7149 ( 183cm long x 91cm wide x 32cm high )

    Borek Aluminium Viking Side Table 7145

    Viking Side Table 7145 ( 49cm long x 82.5cm wide x 31.5cm high )

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