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Nordic Colour – enjoy! The choice is all yours!

When an element in your home is highlighted in a certain colour, it contributes to setting a particular mood. Peace. Harmony. Purity. Pensiveness. Joy. Liveliness.

Without making us think so much about it in our daily lives, this colour affects our inner universe – and resonates with it. This colour strikes a certain register in our minds.

And we sense it.

Nordic Colour is RAIS’ line of exquisite nuances that borrows inspiration from Scandinavia.

This colour range mirrors a number of hand-picked beautiful and clear colours found in Nordic nature – reflecting the light, the brightness, the open spaces, the sand on the beach.

A stove in Nordic Colour becomes an active element of your interior decoration and starts a delicate interplay with the rest of the architectonic and creative details of your home.

Here are the colours we have available for your stove: The choice is yours.


White is the colour of purity. Clear, neutral simplicity. A tone that always fits.

RAIS’ white is not a chalk kind of white, but a rather distinct, delicate white.

Like snow in Norway shining in the sun.

A stove all in white will add a particular sense of brightness to your room.







Mocha is a warm and spacious colour, with just a hint of quality spices, burned wood and stout. It brings into play a certain type of sensuality and effortlessly blends into your living space, while hinting that you have made an active choice of colour.






Platinum creates associations with extravagance.

At the same time, we know that platinum is an element in the periodic table. Platinum resembles grey, but with a delicate hint of luxury that allows it to tell a rather different and special story. Grey nuances are super trendy, and this particular one is in a league of its own.




Silver is a fine nuance, and what is extraordinary about it is that we have taken a look that is typical for a piece of jewellery – and customised it for a stove. Beautiful and minimalist, silver will bring a sure touch of exclusivity to your home.






Nickel is a colour from nature’s universe, which is an eternal source of wonderful intermediate tones – such as, for example, the hues formed when fertile topsoil and sand meet together.

Nickel signals soothing effortlessness that just lets your gaze rest... A calming and enjoyable tone in everyday life. 


You can never go wrong with black, this is a classic colour for all stoves. This is also the colour or – more exactly – lack of pigment of sheer darkness that simply knows its place. Black, solid and massively discreet. Strong-minded quality and pure tranquillity. Black is black.

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