Viva L Handle Options

When Detail Emphasises Design…

Beauty and perfect design are often embedded in detail. Just like the handles of the stoves here that demonstrate that this is a choice taken with creative care.

Our line of handles in designs other than the standard one are all made of the highest quality materials. Colours include black and white plus nature’s own hues. The graphic expression is rotund combined with the rigid lines of the steel. All designs are fitted to a base of four millimetres of stainless steel.

Borrow inspiration at will!      And choose at leisure.



White Corian

A most modern of choices.

Handle in white Corian®. Corian® is a famous material of a high quality and the finest of properties that is used in a new way.




A handle in full-grain leather indicates a warm and organic mode of expression. As it is made in a natural material, the handle feels nice to the touch and develops a beautiful personal patina over the years.



Black Rubber

Handle in black rubber. Forms a beautiful contrast as a striking marker to the raw steel. An organic shape contrasting with straight lines.

Silky mat surface. 


  Stainless Steel

Handle in stainless steel. With an exquisitely uniform and smooth surface. The steel is of the best of quality. A steel handle is a secure choice, a functional solution.



Handle in oak. Timeless and aesthetic classic.

A piece of craftsmanship of masterful beauty, with a raw and natural mode of expression of its very own.



Classic Stainless Steel

Handle in stainless steel. A timeless trendsetter. Classic. With holes at the top to ensure discreet ventilation, the handle is always convenient to use. Tangible design of the very best standard.

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