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Wilderness Collection

Inspired by the wonderful elements of nature, Ortal's research and development team managed to capture the mesmerizing beauty of the wild fire and transfer it to the interior of the house, to create a perfect and pampering fireplace experience that meets your standards.

Front Facing Wilderness

Available in Sizes:-   Front 75x65,  Front 75 High,  Front 110,  Front 110 High,  Front 130,  Front 130 High,  Front 150,  Front 150 High,  Front 170 and Front 170 High.


Corner Wilderness

Available in Sizes:-   LS / RS 75 High,  LS / RS 110,  LS / RS 110 High,  LS / RS 130,  LS / RS 130 High,  LS / RS 150,  LS / RS 150 High,  LS / RS 170 and LS / RS 170 High.


Three Sided Wilderness

Available in Sizes:-   TS 75 High,  TS 110,  TS 110 High,  TS 130,  TS 130 High,  TS 150,  TS 150 High,  TS 170 and TS 170 High.


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