AK47 – Zero 145 Outdoor Fire c/w Grille

Zero 145 Outdoor Fire c/w Grille

An outdoor wood fireplace; a refuge to enjoy the warmth of fire: the arresting dance of flames is replaced by the silent burning of the embers. A sweet warmth that comforts your guests.

Zero is a wood fireplace for outdoor use designed to create pleasant outdoor moments.
Design and art blend to form a new type of accessory and its mission is very simple: bringing people together. In the garden, by the swimming pool, in the outdoor areas of hotels and restaurants fire is used to create just the right atmosphere . Zero is provided with a disc shaped lid that covers the combustion chamber to prevent residual material getting out in the event of rain or wind. Zero is not just a fireplace but also an effective wood store.


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    145cm diameter overall.
    40cm high.

     zero inst


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AK47 – Zero 145 Outdoor Fire c/w Grille
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